Matching Factory uses seasoned algorithms to find the best matches between two groups.
We safely match based on multiple (large) datasets with weighted criteria.
Group 12
1. Determine objectives
Set the scene by determining the relevant outcome, right datasets and parameters.
2. Collect & Prepare data
Data can be supplied in many ways, including integration with your systems. We'll make sure your data is safe, anonimized and cleaned for use in the matching engine.
Group 4
3. Set up the matching engine
Based on the objectives & data collected, we’ll set up our matching engine to use one of our advanced scalable variations on the Nobel Price winning Stable Marriage algorithm.
4. Crunch the numbers
This is where the magic happens. Our engine does the heavy lifting to come up with the best matches between the two datasets.
Group 6
Get great insights and make data-driven decisions.
Deliverables, to explore and underpin your strategy and operations
Storage & API