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Insights by matching data

Use advanced algorithms
Data is everywhere. Collecting is easy, but how to transform (raw) data into relevant informaton?
Matching Factory provides you relevant information and (business) insights.
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Get better insights.
By aggregating and matching information, insights can be provided which can fulfill your stategic goals
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Be more efficient.
Operations can be managed more efficiently, with less effort and cost. Streamline your internal and external procesess
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Make better decisions.
Information is key to challenge your gut feeling. Justify and underpin your decisions with data-driven arguments
Free choice and fair assignments of students from primary school to secondary education
Current method of matching and placement of scholars at primary and secondary schools is inadequate. Matching Factory presents a bespoke, seasoned algorithm for better and fairer placement.
Get involved or have us drive
Whether you have an in-house data team or want a one-stop solution, we’re here for you.